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  1. Big Top

From the recording The Maiden EP

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Big Top

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We sail into setting suns
our wake left in the mud
we who wonder are not lost
we follow what we love
our journey has just begun
poor rubes they scratch their heads
they woke up from our dreams
found their town painted red

No need for thanks
we enjoyed ourselves all the while
and we sail on

A crystal ball is cracked and glowing on the courtroom floor
the judges daughter has come with us
she's fallen for the knife-thrower
the strong-man broke the prison wall
forgot his teddy bear
and now the warden's daughter carries it everywhere

no harm nor foul
we give and we get even more
and we sail on

All along the journey
ghosts of ships on desert floors
the mermaid on our masthead
guides us safely to your shores

The stars they guide our brilliant lives
we keep life from being drull
the earth is covered with the tracks
of our warm and well worn souls