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  1. Crow

From the recording The Maiden EP

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Running barefoot through moonless forest
I burn to breath but I can't rest because
what follows surely could destroy all that it touches
and the wind cries you

I hold a stone of truth in my hand
and in my heart there is a fire
pursued by shadowed and nameless cavalry
who ride to reign
the fallen angels cry you

One way to live
no age of heroes
no shining souls and none are fearless
all under spell made to believe this
i hold the stone, dive down below
the crow cries you

The crow flies underwater to me
holds my eyes and cocks his head
"Some are meant for the simple life,
some are meant to run a razor's edge"

Never a better day to die on
because in my hear there roars a fire
I surface to face closing horizons
I tear myself apart, open my heart,
and cry you

The crow flies underwater