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The Style & The Substance

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I look up and down the lined up streets
and most of what I see
are stamped out houses, cars, and dreams
and lawns unreal green
suburban daymares and stinging ironies
tragic sleepers woefully living the dream

when there is so much more than that
there is beauty that would bring you to your knees
because the greater danger ain't lacking on the agreed quotas
its letting fear come before your heart's needs


Glassy eyed artificials pretend they'd rather be
safely lifeless than take the risk to live with authenticity
but life is just the once
and the way that I see it
you ought to live with the eloquence that comes from being yourself

the ways to be are inexact
interpretation is always left to you
because the world ain't here to prop you on its shoulders
you've got to climb your own mountains
and wear your own shoes

you've got to let your light shine
give courage to the dark with your honed truths
oh and you've got to let your light shine
let it shine

because its all in the style and the substance

thats all I can tell you for now the rest is on you
its up to you to define your style and your substance x 2

because its all in the style and the substance

wear your own shoes
wear your own shoes