The Stone Foxes, Bogart The Monster and The LoLos

Lost On Main CHICO , 319 Main St, Chico, California 95928

So you’ve got this band of players that can actually play, writers that can actually write, none of whom seem to have much ego: it’s about the music and the band over all – not the individual. You turn them loose to create songs that evolve and mature over time, then you drop them in a studio to track a record on their own terms. As it turns out, what you end up getting is something way deeper and more heartfelt than most bands ever deliver.

Bogart the Monster- Psychedelic Spaghetti Western Surf Rock with a hint of Blues (If we must put a name on it). Bogart the Monster is a band from the Chico area with influences in many genres. This energetic rock band will leave you singing loud and wanting more!

The LoLos: The LoLos are a 3 piece formed in 2012. They draw from many genres, including Soul, Blues, Americana, Lo-Fi Rock and old world styles like waltzes, tangos, and circus marches. The common thread throughout the music is that it's all a bit dark, romantic, tongue in cheek, with a focus on storytelling and eclectic composition.